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A80069-32 - Fort of Malaca.
A80069-33 - Fort of Achem.
A80069-34 - Fort of Iacatara.
A80069-35 - Isles and fort of Maluco.
A80069-38 - Fort of Solor.
a80137-14 - Isle and fort of Amboino.
C13348-25 - Fort of Diu, on the west coast of India.
C13348-26 - Fortede Sao Mieronimo. Damao.
C13348-27 - Fort of Bacaim.
C13348-28 - Fort of Chaul.
C13720-54 - Fort of Ilhafermoza.
D40074-26 - The fort of Mocambique.
K90128-79 - The fort of Goa.
sloane_ms_197_f113v - The forts of Curiate and Sidabo.
sloane_ms_197_f116v - The fort of Mascate.
sloane_ms_197_f127v - The fort of Sibo.
sloane_ms_197_f130v - The fort of Borca.
sloane_ms_197_f133v - The fort of Soar.
sloane_ms_197_f137v - The fort of Quelba.
sloane_ms_197_f140v - The fort of Corfacam.
sloane_ms_197_f146v - The fort of Mada.
sloane_ms_197_f155v - Forts of Angao; Qveixome, Feitopiados Igrezes,...
sloane_ms_197_f159v - Forts of Setelarao and Basora.
sloane_ms_197_f303v_304r - 'Cunhale.' The fortress of Kunjali.
add_ms_5245_p001 - Images relating to alchemy.

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