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At any point whilst in the system, if you want to do a new search you can enter your search criteria into the white 'Quick Search' box and click the 'GO' button or push the enter key.


The Quick Search box allows you to search in a very flexible way.


Tips on how to make a Quick Search:


  • Clicking 'Quick Search' without entering any text will show all images in the photo library. The newest images wil appear first

  • You can freely enter any number of words within the 'Quick Search' field. By default if you enter multiple keywords these will be linked with AND, for example 'red white blue', will bring up all images with the words 'red' AND 'white' AND 'blue' associated with them. You can also use AND to perform the same search.

  • You can search for images containing ANY of a series of keywords by using the word OR. For example ‘black or white’ would bring up any images with either the words 'black' OR 'white' associated with them.

  • You can exclude words from your search by putting a minus ('-') in front of the word you want to exclude. For example, 'colour -red'. Your results will show all images that have the word 'colour' but not 'red' associated with them.

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